Diabetes prevention

We need to be more proactive!
It’s time for a little discussion of being proactive about our health.  The #1 goal we should have regarding healthcare is to prevent illness as much as possible.  We realize that it is often easier to prevent than to treat illness and we also do not wish to suffer illness if at all possible.  With that in mind, I want to write briefly about diabetes prevention.  The American Diabetes Association (ADA) states that in 2019, 37.3 million Americans, or 11.3% of the population, had diabetes.  Diabetes is and has been a crisis in our culture for some time now.  Interestingly, the ADA also estimates that 96 million US adults in 2019 had prediabetes.  So, we understand that there is such a thing as prediabetic and we write about it, but how often are we doing anything about it?  In a report in the American Journal of Medicine involving nearly 47,000 people followed over 10 years, and with all other risk factors accounted for, there was an alarming statistic found regarding the risk of diabetes.  Every glucose rise of 1 point above 84 represented a 6% increase in the risk of developing Type 2 diabetes.  Wow!  Now, let me give you an example of what this means.  Recently, I had labs done during my checkup.  My glucose came back at 96 mg/dl.  A normal reading is 74-106.  No alarms went off.  No one discussed anything with me about prediabetes.  However, based on the data, I have a 72% increased risk of becoming diabetic.  Combine that with my family history and that number gets higher.  Shouldn’t alarms go off?  Shouldn’t diabetes prevention be discussed in cases like this?  Am I the only one like this?  Absolutely not – I’m one of 96 million in the US according to the ADA.  People come in and show me their lab work quite often and I see the same thing.  I see glucose numbers in the 90’s and no mention of anything from the healthcare provider.  I am running out of space before I even get to the answer concerning diabetes prevention, but you know what is coming - diet, exercise, and supplements.  I wish I had space to list some basic dietary guidelines as well as all the nutritional supplements that studies show can help in this fight.  Instead, I’ll just mention my favorite supplement for glucose regulation: DB-7 by Rx Vitamins.  It combines 7 key ingredients to help in this battle.  For more information regarding diabetes prevention please come visit the professionals at Daniel Natural Medicine.

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