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It seems like a silly question doesn’t it-- “How healthy do you want to be?” Sometimes, though, we find we have to ask ourselves silly questions because the obvious answer may not be the one we’re living out.  I think that most people would say that their health is of utmost importance; unfortunately, many people only fully realize this truth when facing a health crisis of some sort.  Health can be like so many other things, taken for granted when it seems pretty good.  Some folks may think that is why health insurance exists.  Health insurance is a good thing – it can help tremendously when things go south.  However, we do not get credit toward our premiums for eating healthy or reducing our stress or exercising or taking supplements.  The habits that can help keep us healthy often require our vigilance.  They can cost us time, effort, and money.  This is why the question might not be so silly after all-- “How healthy do you want to be?”  Is it a priority?  Are you willing to spend time, effort and money in order to increase your odds of living a healthy life?  This question comes up a good bit in our natural medicine business.  It can be expensive to supplement properly.  After much study many years ago though, I became convinced that the majority of our food supply is no longer very nutrient dense.  Eating healthy is more about limiting the items that work against our health than it is providing all the nutrients that we need for optimal health.  Thus, a long time ago my wife and I decided that supplements had to become a part of our monthly budget if we were going to make wellness a priority for our family.  It was an important decision.  We have stuck to it even when money has been tight.  That choice has proven its worth time and time again to us – so much so that we opened Daniel Natural Medicine together in order to help others who wish to be vigilant about their health. Silly questions sometimes must be asked.  How healthy do you want to be?

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