New Year Tips for a Healthy Brain

New Year Tips for a Healthy Brain     Want to think more clearly in 2024?  Do you hope to have better focus and memory as well as keeping the brain function level that you currently have?  You migh...

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Diabetes prevention

We need to be more proactive!     It’s time for a little discussion of being proactive about our health.  The #1 goal we should have regarding healthcare is to prevent illness as much as possible. ...

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Nearly Half of All Americans Have a Chronic Disease

I have borrowed the title for this article from an article that I recently read in The Epoch Times newspaper with the same title.  It was written by Autumn Spredemann.  In that article she states t...

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Fatigue and long COVID

By now I am sure that most of you have heard of “long COVID” or “long haul COVID” or some similar name.  It is a very real thing with more and more data coming out all the time.  Recently the CDC s...

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First Blog - How healthy do you want to be?

Welcome to the blog for Daniel Natural Medicine!  Here is our first post and hopefully you can expect more posts to be added regularly:     HOW HEALTHY DO YOU WANT TO BE?   It seems like a silly ...

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